Faithful Living

Three Suggestions for a Balanced Life

October 7, 2016
Achieving a Balanced Life

Balanced living is possible, if we are willing to act.

“Next to love, balance is the most important thing.” – John Wooden

1 Find a Life Rhythm

Life moves at a fast pace. There are pressures, deadlines, and demands. From the moment some people awake until they drop in bed, they are hustling about and pulled in every direction. Other people will set your agenda, if you do not.

Balance living means finding a rhythm that makes sense. Set your own agenda and make your own priorities. This will take a proactive action and a plan.

Action Step: Take 10 minutes to write down a sensible agenda for your day today. Ask yourself: What one thing is most important for me to accomplish today?

2 Cultivate Lasting Relationships

We all have connections with people that are at different levels. Some people are mere acquaintances, some are friends, some are family, but with some we have a deep connection in our soul. They are people with whom we can share our dreams, failures, and fears.

Lasting relationships must be cultivated. It is a process of both take and give. We give love and acceptance and we receive it back. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you would be loved—love, and be loveable.” When we share joy it is doubled; when we share sorrow it is halved.

Action Step: Reach out to a trusted friend and simply give encouragement to them, expecting nothing in return.

3 Go Deep Within

For many people, one of the scariest places is within themselves. We tend to see clearly others faults, yet fail to see our own needs. A deep look in the mirror, from time to time, is good for us all.

This means finding a place of silence and solitude to think about your life, your priorities, your attitudes, and your direction. Go deep. The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it. This can only be discovered by honest self-assessment and personal reflection.

Action Step: Set an appointed time to go deep within and reflect on where you are headed.

Balanced living is possible, if we are willing to act.